The company combines innovative approaches and solutions, inherent to talented specialists, with experience and caution, inherent to big companies. Adopting best qualities of big companies, we avoid their drawbacks. Assuring the same level of professionalism, Solyn Software can work faster and offer lower prices than similar but a bit larger company.

What is more, the company encourages an initiative and friendly climate in the teams. All this allows us to freely share our experience, exchange obtained knowledge and collectively make sound decisions. Adapting indicative qualities of big companies, we try to avoid their drawbacks at the same time. Assuring the same level of professionalism, Solyn Software is capable of working faster offering cost-competitive services as compared to the prices set by larger companies.

To ensure the quality of our solutions and services, we constantly apply the corporate system of quality control. It complies with international standards and requirements applicable for software quality control. We apply the quality control system for all the stages of the project life cycle, thus considering the following:

Functional Analysis and Architecture

We believe that distinct understanding of customer’s requirements is the basis for the development of a successful solution. That is why we conduct an in-depth study of requirements and requests of every customer. This makes possible to implement all necessary functionality and avoid additional testing and rework iterations in the future. As a result, you get an optimal solution in time and within budget as agreed upon.

Before starting the development of your solution, we thoroughly estimate project efforts and work out a development schedule. Once we get a confirmation from you, we initiate our software development processes.

Project and Risk Management

One of the most essential factors of big projects success is a correct organization of the work load combined with the ability to professionally manage project risk. Our project managers have successfully completed a great number of various projects. You can count on their professionalism and responsibility in any situation.

Development and Implementation

Each of our projects and development stages are always under scrutiny control. Everybody who is involved in your project participates in its administration and support. They are executive managers, project managers, team leaders, and each software engineer personally as well. Solyn Software practices the “open door” policy for its customers. This means, if you have any question or suggestion regarding the project, you can freely contact not only the project manager, but also directly contact any of the senior staff of the company with your thoughts.

Quality Guaranties and Testing

Solyn Software pays a special attention to quality control through the entire development, release and deployment processes. We are especially concerned that the customer does not invest additional costs on retesting and reengineering of the system in the future. That is why we are interested in a workable and efficient solution from the beginning of the project. Applying our quality control system guarantees that the project remains within defined time frames and budget.

Due to a well-organized team and professional project management, Solyn Software is capable of coping with tasks of any difficulty, whether it is a technical sphere or a business management problem.